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If you're struggling to achieve your weight loss goals, Lipo Lymphatic Drainage Therapy- ( Full Body Reflexology), will help jump start your weight loss journey. 

 Our bodies are made up of a network of  lymph node (glands), which run throughout the body, they help eliminate our body's waste products, Weight loss and over all good health can be achieved through lymphatic drainage therapy. Since our lymphatic system doesn't have a pump to rid our body of toxins, manual, gentle, rhythmic, non-invasive light pressure techniques are done on the skin's surface reflex points, to encourage lymph fluid to flow freely through lymph nodes and rid our bodies of waste. Applying lymphatic drainage therapy, a healthy eating plan and passive exercise, you are rest assured to reach your weight loss goal. 


 Located in Houston Heights, Beauty & Wellness Recovery Therapy has a one on one private practice approach to natural healing. Christina has been in the Beauty & Wellness Industry for over 30 years, specializing Face & Body Reflexology -Lipo-Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, Tummysculpt360- Body Contouring. 

Contact by text to make an appointment, get exclusive offerings and make your purchase with Zelle to 832-566-0239.


Exclusive Offer : Buy 3 Get 1 Free :  Stress Weightloss Plan (Lose The Stress You Lose The Weight), Sodium Detox Program, that must be followed during MLD sessions for maximun results and Weekly Wellness Coaching Checkin's. Purchase Through Zelle Only ! 

Lipo Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

  • Make Sure You Buy 3 To Get 1 Free Lipo Lymphatic Drainage Therapy 

    All Orders Are Processed Manually Through Zelle. A Wellness Rep Will Contact You By Email After An Order Of 3 Lipo Are Placed. You Can Then Mentioned You Want The Buy 3 Get 1 Free Sale!

    Your Wellness Rep Will Answer All Your Questions Before The Final Purchased Is Made.

    Thank You for Your Purchase !

  • This Link Is "Not For Pre & Post Op Lipo Lymphatic Drainage Therapy Care".

    Pre & Post Op Lipo Lymphatic Drianage Therapy Care Is $399 each.

    Buy 6 Get 1 Free Pre & Post Op Lipo Lymphatic Drainage Is Located In Our Store.

    Your Wellness Rep Will Answer All Your Questions Before The Final Purchased Is Made.Thank You for Your Purchase !

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