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I provide a fresh mindset for individuals, sales people, businesses and executives on how to improve and maximize their opportunities, by letting go of their past disbelief, pain, hurt and self-inflicting sabotaging ideas about themselves, life, family and careers. By taking just a few steps immediately to stop self-sabotaging your own success. 


Understanding self-sabotaging

Recognize self-sabotaging habits

Identify root causes

Letting go

Take time for self-reflection

Find your inner positive voice 

Change your pattern of behaviors 

Make small meaningful changes 

Break through and move forward 



Session Consist Of......


Introductory Call or Text

DOB Get to Know You

Power Oracle Reading

Rapid Tranformational Therapy

Weekly Motovational Contact





This is for a One Time Remote Call, Text and Email.


Christina De LDT, RMT, Energy Therapy Life Coaching

Positive Self-Talk Rapid Therapy, TellaCoach 


Mind Body Soul High Achievers Life Coaching For Business

  • Life Coaching- This is for a One Time Remote Call, Text and Email.

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