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Are You Needing Someone To Push You Through All The Negative Stuff And Give You Solutions ?

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • $360 Prepay Zelle
  • 832-566-0239

Service Description

Hello, My name is Christina, I am a *Seers( *someone who can see into a persons future) Lifestyle Coach with over 30 yrs experience in the Wellness Industry, together during our remote phone chat we will explore all your positive accomplishments.....and the negative emotions holding you back, of course with the Universe guiding us through. Within just a few minutes of our conversation, I will pick up on key energy signals from your past and present self ( call it EI- Emotional Intelligence) that will help guide me to your future self. My goal is simple, to focus on your Mind, Body & Soul, but our goal together is to achieve these five principles . 1.) Gain Clarity and Purpose In Your Life 2.) Achieve Health and Wellness 3.) Focus On Developing Positive Habits 4.) Learn Visualization Skills and Daily Positive Self -Talk Affirmations. 5.) Achieve Loving Relationships By Loving Yourself First and by Surrounding Yourself With Love At All Times. There’s only one reason you’re not where you want to be yet, and it’s because you’ve been accepting the bare minimum. You’ve made having less than what you actually want acceptable. Whether it’s the type of business you have, the amount of hours you work, your hearts desire for your family or the #’s in your bank account. If you’re being honest, it’s not really fulfilling ! Do you realize that you can be making even "MORE", be more and do more, once you release the things that no longer serve you? Once you stop settling for mediocre or kinda/sorta what you want… When you start REQUIRING what you do want, the level that you want it at and when you want it… you will get it, simple as that....Just Put It Out There In The World !! I can help you decipher and get "Clarity" on what you need to live a "Happy and Fulfilled Life" AND give you the tools and strategy to get there. Together we can achieve your personal growth by taking the time to identify what it is you want, outline any possible obstacles and how to overcome them. “A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.” Oprah My hope, is to continue in your life as your "Energy Guidance Counselor", This will be the most rewarding $360 you may ever spend !!! NO REFUNDS : Are given on Seers Lifestyle Coaching. You agree to a No Refund Service Policy when you make your purchase. Remote Calls- ​72 hrs. Cancellation Notice. Disclaimer: Consult with Your Psychiatrist or Primary Care Doctor before starting a Lifestyle Coaching Program.

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lifestyle coaching Columbia Street, Houston, TX, USA

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