Love Is In The Air All Year Long

Love is in the air with Valentines day knocking at our door, but remember giving the gift of love is a year long commitment to make your partner feel very special. So I created a list of "Love Jesters" to give your partner throughout the year.

First a daily hug.......hugs go a long way... if your not able to see each other on a daily bases.... tex a (heart) just because, this will be like buying her a "10 caret diamond ring". For him, true compliments ...let him know all that you appreciate about him... he will blush on the inside out with your loving compliments.

Leave him a heart on the bathroom mirror in red lipstick , or spray some of your favorite perfume on his shirt arm , so he can take a quick sniff of your scent during his day.

Most of all giving the gift of wellness, shows you both care to keep your each other around for a long time. Of course I'm going to be favoring our Beauty & Wellness Serenity Galleria Spa for massage, sports acupressure and mani-pedi reflexology. With our gift certificates sharing the love of wellness can be a done all year long.

Oh..don't forget ordering flowers.... at Joy Box Flowers

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