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Beauty  & Wellness

Revive. Rejuvenate. Rejoice.


     Love The Skin You're In !

         Beauty & Wellness Recovery Therapy doesn't want you to lose your natural  appearance that many are accustomed to seeing. We do want you to lose yourself daily in a moment of luxury while performing face and body contouring sessions on yourself with our Beauty and Wellness Energy Therapy Skincare At Home Devices.

   Our Bio-lift RF {Radio Frequency} Lipolysis {Fat Loss} energy therapy for Face & Body Contouring sculpts your physique in a natural way. No Surgeries, No Needles, No Pain !

   When used to treat the skin for skin tightening, Radio Frequency  energy, goes deep within the skin, to the layer called the dermis (where collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid is produced). When the waves enter the dermis, they heat up the area and force the skin to regenerate and produce more collagen, which gives way to tighter skin. Research has shown that heating the skin to between 50-75°C for more than three minutes causes the body to release heat-shock proteins. The dermis then uses these proteins to create new collagen. Our radiofrequency skin tightening facial will lift the entire face, jowls and neck, to create a similar effect to a face lift. 

  HIFU/ULRF can also be used to pass the dermis and penetrate the fat layer below the skin called the SMAS(muscle layer). In this instance, the heat from the waves breaks down the fat cells, which are then drained from the body through the lymphatic system, resulting in fat reduction and body contouring.

   Our Bio-Lift  ULRFL can be used in three ways: first, to heat and destroy fat cells giving way to weight loss; secondly, to tighten saggy  skin and third, when used on the fanny and thighs, it can also reduce cellulite.  

Beauty & Wellness Lipo Lymphatic Drainage  Aftercare Program
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  • Beauty Wellness Recovery Therapy
  • Beauty Wellness Recovery Therapy




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Best Lipo- Lymphatic Drainage Massage in Houston !

        Kimberly Williams client

I lost 20 lbs with Lipo-Lymphatic Drainage !

Terri Greenburg client

I lost 4 dress sizes with the Stress Weightloss Program !

I feel lighter and happier then I have in years, this program has changed me mentally and physically.

Kerry  Winston client


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