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Mind Body Soul Therapy

Beauty  & Wellness

Revive. Rejuvenate. Rejoice.

  Our Belief   

         Your mind and body are amazing tools to experience the world, while uniting with spirit, we have the potential to find deep inner peace and new levels of well being at any age.

    The magic ingredient in healing one self is stillness, and developing a mindful presence through encouraging insights about yourself, others and the world.

    This requires regular communication, embracing your individual uniqueness, reversing habitual stress patterns, learning different ways to move and breathe, regaining healthy biorhythms and developing effective home practices including meditation and yoga.

     Encouraging traditional medicines along with meditation, movement therapy, clinical lymphatic drainage, reflexology, bodywork and led light therapy are integrated and respected  as preventative medicine, bringing self empowerment and emotional healing.

Lymphatic Drainage Skin Diet 4/$460
Lipo Lymphatic Drainage Therapy SALE
Lipo-Lymphatic Drainage Therapy 4/$760
Lipo Lymphatic Drainage Therapy SALE
Ultrasonic Infrared Cavitation $1,750
Lipo Lymphatic Drainage Therapy SALE


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  • Beauty Wellness Recovery Therapy
  • Beauty Wellness Recovery Therapy
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Best Massage in Houston !

        Kimberly Williams client

I lost 20 lbs with Lipo-Lymphatic Drainage !

Terri Greenburg client

I lost 4 dress sizes with the Stress Weightloss Program !

I feel lighter and happier then I have in years, this program has changed me mentally and physically.

Kerry  Winston client


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