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Yes !, it's highly recommended by cosmetic physicians to receive manual lymphatic drainage massages before and most commonly after all cosmetic procedures and here's Why ?... MLD (manual lymphatic drainage) stimulates blood circulation, allowing fresh red blood cells to start the detoxification and healing process for muscles and tissues that have gone through extensive trauma from the cannulas instruments used during cosmetic procedures.

Beauty and Wellness Recovery Therapy At Home Pre & Post Op Lipo-Lymphatic Drainage Therapies, allows for a more private one on one client-based care in the privacy of your own home. Understanding the jitter nerves and mental anguish before under going any kind of cosmetic procedures, it's recommended one or two lymphatic drainage sessions the week before surgery to calm the central nervous system, start detoxification throughout the lymphatic system, while implementing a nutritional eating plan to help increase protein intake, this helps to build up both your strength and repairs muscle and skin tissues. The better your body is able to eliminate toxins before surgery and heal after surgery, the shorter is your recovery time.

When the body has experienced stress, such as fighting off illness, healing from an infection, or healing from a surgery, the lymphatic system will slow down. Manual lymphatic drainage massages help “re-start” the system with a flow of light pressure rhythmic stokes, giving a calming effect to the central nervous system and allows toxic built up in the lymphatic system to flow towards the heart for clearing. Effectively improving the skin's condition, reducing pain, bruising, scaring and fluid retention. It's recommended to start a clean eating plan reframing from alcohol, caffeine, soft drinks, sugars, high sodium intake and carbs while increasing fruits and vegetables and proteins.

Lipo-Lymphatic Drainage Travel Packages.......Call 1-832-566-0239 In River Oaks , Galleria, Heights Houston

Lipo- Lymphatic Drainage Massage Aftercare

Disclaimer : Contact your Doctor before any nonsurgical procedure. Let your skin therapist know of any contraindications.

Follow strict guidelines for Pre & Post Op Treatments given my your Skin Therapist. Covid19 Mask and Hand Washing Required.

Aftercare : You may experience redness and mild swelling around a MLD treated area, that may disappear within 24 hours. Some down time is needed, but rest may be suggested.

Follow up with 72 hours of drinking water, 3 liters per day and a Clean Green Salad and Protein Meal Plan to detoxify the lymphatic system.

Results may vary from individual to individual and can not be guaranteed.

Beauty & Wellness Recovery Therapy Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy Services Not Intended For Medical Use or To Be A Substitute For Medical Attention.

Energy Therapy Skincare Beauty & Wellness At Home Device Purchases

Disclaimer : Contact your Doctor before any nonsurgical procedure. Let BWRT know of any contraindications you may have before purchase of at home devices.
Follow strict guidelines for use of all at home devices given in device manuals. BWRT is Not liable for any bodily injury cause by at home use of the Energy Therapy Skincare Devices.
Please follow strict guidelines from your Doctor and Wellness Therapist regarding at home Pre & Post Op Care Lymphatic Drainage Therapy.

Read and Agree to Store Policy Page Before Purchasing Products or Services from Beauty & Wellness Recovery Therapy. Devices and Services Not Intended For Medical Use or To Be A Substitute For Medical Attention.


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