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TELLACOACH High Performance Mental And Emotional Insightful Lifestyle Coaching

High Performance Mental & Emotional Insightful Lifestyle Coaching. Think About The Results That You Want Then Call TellaCoach !

How often do we spend countless hours on trying to solve a problem in our lives, that really are not problems at all ?  Sure, in our mind they are, but what you're lacking is finding true results, or solutions to these draining issues. You become fixated mentally and emotionally day in and day out, weeks and even years, still no viable solutions. That pesky ego of yours has gotten in the way again and you're not asking for help, or maybe you just don't know who to ask ? TellaCoach

In order to thrive, you may need to understand your "True Emotional Value". Your life is not about what everyone else thinks about You or says about You !

At times You may feel "devalued"—by circumstances, someone else, or maybe yourself. Most of us form this habit in "toddlerhood" of substituting power for value, screaming and yelling to get what we want- terrible twos stage. We get angry at ourselves and others, then we start feeling worthless, unheard, unloved.

Emotions are dominated by a series of conditioned responses, some dating back to early childhood. For example, on autopilot, we're more likely to blame ourselves than improve, some emotions are highly reactive. This makes us vulnerable to others, it also brings us to this call "Free Discovery Lifestyle Call" today.

Emotions can be reconditioned through practice by associating drops in self-value with core value through "Positive Self-Talk and Mindset Action Tools". Techniques such as mindfulness, visualization, positive self-talk, reframing and stress management are just a few tools used to help navigate and overcome emotional obstacles, allowing you to perform at your peak to achieve your goals.

Once the association is conditioned, we will automatically do something likely to raise self-value and reduce reactivity to others.

Discovery Calls are the first step to figuring out where you're at today in your life. Sometimes when you're in the mist of a stressful cycle, it's unclear to you what is a trigger, what is a hidden emotion or what's just making your head spin.

Hi, I'm Christina a "Seers Lifestyle Coach" with over 25 years in the Wellness Industry and I'm here to Hear You, Listen and Help You Sort Through The Noise In Your Head !....lots of chatting going on for sure.)

So, text me on my private line at 1-346-837- 3844~ Houston TX (Central) and let's get talking today !



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